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Hair is my thing. Every girl has their beauty non-negotioables. Maybe it is your nails always being fresh, or your lash extensions being on point. My locks are my obsession.

Over the years, I have realized I do a lot of unique things with my hair that I have found many other women do not. Being in Arkansas and meeting new friends, so many women has my if I have extensions in. That was a one time thing and a major mistake. I asked the stylist to make me look like Beyonce with some borrowed extensions. Needless to say, we all make mistakes. Yikes.

Most seem really surprised when I revealed my secrets!

Recently I did a live event on Facebook for my friends + following and got great feedback. It sounds like I am not the only one constantly searching for new and fun things to get luscious locks. Without further ado, here are my tips to you.


I genuinely did not believe that a pill would impact any sort of hair growth. To be honest, this fell into my lap by accident! Zach started taking it and when he got didn’t want it anymore, I decided to try it out I dug into the bottle myself and started taking it daily with my morning smoothie.

Usually I don’t need my hair colored for a month or two. Biotin changed that. Those roots were poppin’! I can’t tell you the exact length it grew. I can tell you that that it grew enough that I actually stopped taking it for a while. Pretending to be blonde ain’t cheap sister!

Having a very sensitive tummy, I really enjoyed the one I was taking and it worked with my body. I am definitely a forever fan! This is the one that I use.


This always makes me feel like a little girl getting bed. The reason I will always braid my hair before bed is to keep it safe! You guys, when we move around while asleep, we are causing serious breakage.

So, if you’re taking this magic hair growth elixir that is biotin, you don’t want to do that for nothing! We want new growth, and we want to protect the locks we already have. Trust me, braids at bedtime. Preferably french braids!


Again, serums will not always make your hair grow but they will protect the hair you currently have. We need to be careful with heat because it is damaging. It is imperative that you protect it before you style! This is the one I use and I have used it for years.

With most hair serums, you will apply after a shower when hair is damp. run your fingers through gently – and if you’re gonna brush it, use a wet brush or a wide toothed comb. Then your hair is totally ready for styling once it’s dry!


It’s definitely not fun, but it works! Warm and hot water is not good for your hair. Good news, though. This cold water is going to wake you right up!

Here is how you take advantage of the cold water. After you have washed your hair, lather with conditioner. Leave it in while you do whatever else you gotta do while in the shower. Once you’re ready to rinse, your gonna turn on the cold water and try really hard just to rinse the conditioner out. You’re gonna get a little chilly but this will keep your hair smooth plus skin going between hot and cold water is proven to have anti-aging effects.


Blonde Hair


Need I say more? Keep up the dry shampoo binge. I am here to tell you that it is okay.


This is going to help nourish and moisturize your hair, plus help out a dry scalp, too. When I do this, I break my hair into sections, almost like I’m dying my hair. I take the coconut oil straight out of the jar and rub it into my scalp. It usually melts just fine! Once I have it all, I braid my hair (duh!) and lay my head down on my towel covered pillow and get to sleep.

When I wake, I am ready to rinse it out! Here is the trick to not looking like a greaseball for three weeks after this treatment.

I take some apple cider vinegar (because it cuts the oil) and dump it on my head in the shower. There is no real method to this or anything fancy about it. This is all very very haphazardly done. Shampoo once or twice after this and you are all set!


Overnight masks are the best, because who really has time to have greasy hair during the day? I got this one from Farrah Dhukai and I am obsessed with her Facebook page. Check out her youtube video on how to concoct this this simple mask. It is going to promote crazy growth and help with dandruff. Also, very good for skin!


Trimming your hair yourself is not scary, trust me! Cutting it is a completely different story. Only trust your stylist with that! If you cannot get in often for a cut, grab yourself some shears and get to it girl.

You want to make sure that when you are trimming, you are cutting up. Hold your hair between your pointer finger and middle finger, and avoid cutting across. If you have lots of dead ends, cut across and finish with cutting upwards. This is going to keep your hair looking natural and healthy rather than like you just got a bowl cut.

Thanks friends.

Leave your comments below and share with us all about how you keep your hair healthy and growing.

Thank you!



Healthy and Beautiful Hair



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