Slow Down and Enjoy the Work you Say You Love

It’s difficult enough to slow down for legit obligations, and I realized that sometimes it’s even more challenging to slow down for work you really love and enjoy.

This is an anyone problem, and if you have anxiety (like me) you might find yourself in this mindset a little more often.

First, a little story that revealed this problem. Maybe you can relate.

The other day I was collecting some stock images and designing some fun posts. I am incredibly indecisive and realized I had spent almost an hour on this little project. I had six photos to show for it. Being a mathematics scholar, I calculated that it took me ten minutes per photo. Ten minutes!

Ten minutes per photo and an entire hour later seemed like a very long time to me. There was hardly any progress to show for it. I suddenly felt incredibly anxious. Did I need to reevaluate what I was doing, how I was doing it? Should I drop this project and do something else entirely?

This wave of panic swept over me. As the wave swept over, there were undertones of peace.

eucalyptus, marble, white, gold
Photo by: Helena Hertz

Cool, calm, and collected, I asked myself a few questions.

Do I enjoy what I am doing? Am I doing a quality job? Will this work improve myself, my business, or others in some way?

To all of which I answered; yes. Absolutely yes!

This task was done with care and it was done to improve my business to, definitively, help others. It was the kind of thing that you grab your favorite warm drink and sweater to cozy up with while you work. I enjoyed it!

We all have things that we absolutely love.

Instead of feeling that joy in my work, I let myself slip into a hurried and rush mindset. Life is go go go, but your joyful projects and tasks do not have to be.

Sometimes, we trick ourselves into focusing on the wrong thing – like outcomes, productivity, or perfection, when we do something we love. It is so normal and so human to focus on all these things, but I want you to stop.

Slow down.

Here’s the thing. I don’t care if it takes you five hours to knit a freakin mitten for your cat. Plop on the couch and enjoy that cat mitten knitting.

If you put time aside for this “fun” activity, then actually have fun with it!

If you tell me that something sets your soul on fire and I see you panicking about making it bigger, better, faster, more perfect – I am going to tell you to take a breathe and get in the middle of it. Stop looking from the outside factors and jump into the bliss of your activities that bring you peace.

Deadlines and working fast are the norm, I totally get it! When we are doing something that you love – we have to remember to consciously enjoy it.

sweater, coffee, carnations, white
Photo by: Unsplash user

Take a moment to do it because you love it, and not just because you have to.

You gotta lose yourself, in the music, the moment you want – sorry, kind of get carried away with that one.

Truly, though. Lose yourself in it!

Stop looking at it from the outside and thinking outcomes. Stop looking at the clock and stop analyzing your results. Slow down enough to realize that you’re indulging in one of your favorite things ever!

Your best work and your best strides are going to happen when you are actually enjoying yourself. Losing track of time is a good thing.

This world is fast, and it is always demanding faster. Set yourself apart by taking it slow, sipping the cup o’ joe, and taking in the gratitude that you get to do what you love.

Stop rushing yourself.

Your craft is a gift. This gift you have is a gift to you, to make you feel joy. It is a gift to the world, because you can share this joy with others.

Slow down, and enjoy it.




Curious about where I get my stock images? Psst. They’re FREE!

My favorite place to go is unsplash. My designer friend told me about it, and it is amazing! It features free stock images from emerging photographers. Holy moly it is incredible. Shout out below.

P.S. : I always recommend using your own images, however, if you need something high resolution for some fun projects – these people are the best of the best. Especially, for a budding boss lady! And always give them credit. It’s a freebie from their artistic hard work, and they deserve a shout out.

Helena Hertz has a variety of light and airy photos. I am addicted to them. She features a handful of photos with enough white space and open paper to add something extra unique and special from yourself! Worth a look friends.

white, eucalyptus, paper
Photo by: Helena Hertz


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