How Simply Saying “I Quit” Will Bring you Closer to Your Goals

Quitting might sound like the end of a dream. In this case, it’s a beginning.

The first question someone will ask you when meeting you for the first time is: “what do you do?”

So, what do you do? When you answer this question, is it a dull and unenthused response, paired with a thought in the back of your mind just wishing you could answer with your dream job or project?

I used to do promotional events for liquor brands, and to be honest, I loved it. Money was great and meeting fun and friendly girls was a plus! Reflecting on all that I was taking on, it was something I had to take off the “to do” list to all my focus on my major goal.

Not just a few years ago, I answered that question with the latter response. I wished I could live my dream life, however, I was taking on way more than any human could handle. Answering this question made a couple of things very obvious. This served as evidence that I was afraid of my own big dreams. I was not actively pursuing the dream, and I didn’t really believe that things like that were possible for me.

Sometimes, we have to take on too much to realize what we really want, and that it is time to quit in areas that do not serve us.

Having a job straight out of college is something any recent graduate can be grateful for. Quitting should be the last thing on the to-do list when you land the job! Finding myself restless and constantly looking out the window (literally), thinking about what else is out there, I left after a couple of months to pursue the dream. This was creating a wildly successful home based business so that I could have time and financial freedom.

Instead of focusing all my energy on my home based business and my dream, I decided to split that energy between five incomes streams that I found. You read that right, actually five. That many incomes might sound like the bomb dot com, but these were all side hustles, so all the paychecks put together were equal to an income.

The amount of effort put in was over and above exhausting. I was scattering my bets across the board and hoping for the best.

Investing in yourself will always be the best bet.

Successful people have so many commonalities and one is inarguable true for every single person who is an absolute boss. They were all in. They are still all in. They will always be all in.

All in, means when someone asks you what you do – you tell them what you will achieve, even if you haven’t quite yet. You are working so hard that, to you, it’s almost fact. It is an unshakable faith that this is happening because you’re going to make it happen.

Successful people place one bet, and one bet only. And that bet is on themselves (not five mediocre income streams).

Instead of being one fifth in, be all in to whatever it is that you want!

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I have a thriving Home Based Business and work it from home, because that was the goal that I wanted to achieve. And, sometimes, I blog about it! It took hard work, tenacity, and quitting the things that didn’t get me closer to my dream!

Evaluating who you are and consolidating who you are, allows for focus and successful endeavors.

Trying to excel at five things at once is a hot mess, without the hot. It breeds stress, anxiety, and a stagnant income stream. You will get no closer to your dream unless you start quitting things that do not resonate with your dream.

Letting go and simply saying “I quit”, is empowering! If you’re not serving others, then quit. If you’re not serving yourself, then quit. In the case you just plain old don’t like it, then quit, man! If you need to keep a few hustles around – do it! Start eliminating those that do not serve you as much as the others do.

Life is a one time shot. Do you really want to spend your time in a balancing act and hoping that the dream will emerge?

Or, do you want to work your booty off, like the boss that you are, to have what you have always wanted? Imagine introducing yourself and proudly sharing that you live your dream rather than explaining that you have no other plan than waiting for things to work out (guilty!). You made the decision to quit the clutter and focus on what matters.

Envision telling people that your dream pays the bills and it is your passion in this life. That is the kind of life we can all achieve.

You are the boss of your business, your passion, and your life.

Now, when people ask me I simply tell them I am a business owner. And that feels so good! I feel proud telling people that. I feel like me when I say that.

Work so hard, because nothing feels better then living your dream and leaving the baggage behind.

You deserve it.






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