Promise That You’ll Always Be a Dreamer


I started a physical diary years ago. It is always addressed to Zach. It has our memories, our triumphs, and our failures.   Sometimes, we look back and we laugh about the entries. Sometimes, we look back and it hurts our hearts. A lot of the time, we look back and we see how far we have come and how blessed we are to have each other. 

Lately, we have both been writing it in and addressing each other. This post is addressing Zach. But it’s addressing you, too. I realized that I didn’t just want Zach to promise me this, I wanted myself to promise, and I wanted others to promise with us.

Essentially, this is an open diary entry. This is a deep dive into my heart and it’s too important to keep in the pages of a private book. This is for you. 

Promise me that you’ll always be a dreamer. 


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Everyday millions of people wake up in the morning.

There are also millions who do not. Many of those who do wake up will choose to point out all that is wrong. They will complain and be ungrateful. Many choose to wake up and act out of jealousy, cynicism, and regret. Remember that you are one of the millions that actually got to wake up. God gave you an extra chance to do some good in this world. He gave you a day of life. He gave you a gift, so that you could share your gift with the world. Promise me you won’t waste that. Not even for one day. Life is precious. 

You’re going to be told no.

You are going to hear that word so many times. People are going to tell you that they will not support what you’re doing. Even more will tell you reasons that you cannot do it. Please, don’t let that deter you from working on what you believe in. Remind yourself that many do not have the opportunistic spirit that you do. Sometimes,others won’t see the big vision that you can see through your rose-colored glasses. Promise to see the world through that lens. Keep in mind that opportunity is everywhere and that so many will tell you no, but someone will always tell you yes. Keep going, you can do it. 

Going a step further, some will question why you think you deserve better.

Some will feel angry because they lack belief in themselves and they envy your self-confidence. Show them empathy and encourage them. It will challenge you and it will be difficult to love those people who may put you down, but you must. You need to keep working and you need to show them that their dreams are possible, too. Your infectious energy could open someone else’s eyes to their own potential. Don’t pass up a chance to change someone else’s life on the way to changing yours. You will be so happy you did.

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We will not live in the world forever.

Don’t put things off. Don’t wait another day, not even another moment! Live now and dare yourself everyday to do a little extra to bring yourself closer to where you want to be. Look at the past and be grateful. It made you who you are today, and you’re pretty darn spectacular. When you think of the future, be excited – good things are always coming! Remember to be grateful for the right now. Take it in. You will never have this exact moment again and there is beauty in every moment. 

Be okay with people not “getting” you.

Some will, some won’t, who cares? Not us. You don’t chase your dreams so that people “get” you, you’re chasing your dreams and living your passions because it brings joy into your life. If someone doesn’t understand, that’s okay. Your heart is made of gold and you have the stars in your eyes. Many don’t see it that way. It doesn’t mean you’re wrong, and it doesn’t mean they’re wrong either. Be okay with being different. We’re all different in one way or another. 

Just promise me that you will always fight for what is right.

promise that you’ll stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves and you will encourage those who need someone to cheer them on. This world is so lucky to have you. Understand your worth and understand that you are a gift to so many people in this world.

Never give up, show love to everyone, and be yourself. You are so loved. 

Promise me you’ll always be a dreamer. 



Please, add your promises below in the comments section. What else do you think we should promise ourselves in this life? What should we promise our life partners? I would love to know your thoughts on this one.




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