Product Feature: Starlight Glow Palette + Rosé All Day Lip Kit

The greatest contour palette of all time and the best lip kit to date. How could I not share?

This Starlight Glow Palette is like the man I have been waiting for my whole life. And he (this palette) is my soul mate. This lip kit is the definition of the bomb dot com. I have been beyond excited for these two beauties to launch, and for several reasons.

The most wonderful time of the year.

For starters, these goodies are only offered once a year. We all know what that means. I am ordering twenty. Just kidding, but actually I might get five to stock up just in case.

They are only offered during the Holiday season, which means the product lines are totally unique to what is usually stocked and completely sought after.

The palette and lip kit both have the Fall + Winter flair that we look for, and with the usability to be beautiful year round (hence the ordering of twenty). It is unclear if these will ever be launched as a full time buyable product, so it is extra special!

Rose All Day

Starlight Glow, girl!

Okay, so starting with this contour palette. I am a makeup geek. A contour palette is something I have been looking for, for forever. I refuse to use anything that tests on animals or is formulated with chemicals that are toxic. This one fits my standards!

Sidenote: when looking at ingredients, do a Google search of them. Sometimes words we don’t recognize sound scary, but they can sometimes be fancy pants science words for minerals and plants. The chemical name oxidant – is water, for example. We don’t always recognize the words, so do a little digging if you aren’t sure! Who knew Cetyl Ethylhexanoate was actually a rich vegan skin conditioning oil to help smooth makeup? Not me. This is the vegan alternative to spermaceti, which is an oil from whales. Okay, gross, moving on. (source)

Get that image out of your mind about the whale, and let’s talk all about these four compacts within this stunning palette. Okay, so here is what I love. It literally has all that you need!


Starlight Glow Palette

(Video Tutorial Below)


The palette contains the most glorious highlighter (moonstone), a fancy peach blush (stardust), and two bronzers – one with shimmer (meteor) and one with a matte finish (twilight).

I was pleasantly surprised with how pigmented these each were. The first time I tested it, I realized I put way too much on. My brushes are pretty fluffy and don’t usually pick up too much product. A little went a very long way with these! This will last me quite a while. (still ordering twenty)

Rosé All Day is my kind of day.

Now onto this lip kit. Here is what I love. You get all three of to duos, and if my math is correct, that is six lippies! That is a whole lot of options.

In each duo, there is a gloss on one side and a matte on the other. You can go with just gloss for a relaxed look, just matte for a put together look, and matte with gloss over for a lot of fun. That is a lot of options, friends.

We all love our gloss, and for those of you that aren’t yet on the matte train, let me explain the frenzy.


Rose All Day


Matte is matte so when you’re dancing the night away and whipping your hair back and forth like an NFL cheerleader (is that just me?) your hair will stay off of your lips.

This matte lip goodness will outline your lips so they appear fuller because of the high pigment in them. It also stays on for almost your whole life (realistically, most of the day). And you can go ahead and give lots of kisses without leaving someone sticky like from a gloss or lipstick. That is why matte is such an obsession! You gotta try it.

How to get your hands on it.

Every girl deserves it! Click here to shop online. Reach out to me if you have questions!

To bring this post to a close, remember these key points. Research product ingredients if you’re not sure, it could surprise you! We all want to be safe with our product usage.

Contouring is so much fun, and simple (check out the video). Matte is for kisses and hair whips, gloss is for a fancy day with lots of sophistication. And, last but not least, I love you!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



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