My Mini Life Story

My life in a nutshell.

As much as writing in the third person about my own life may make me appear really fancy, I just can’t! I am going to speak from my heart. Just like you’re right across from me as I type this.

It all started with my childhood. Growing up in a small town in Wisconsin,  I knew I was different. Even as a kid, I just knew! Life was always wonderful, was always a gift. It was full of awe. Saying that I saw the world through rose colored glasses is an understatement.

While a lot of my friends were great students, I was the kid shoving pencils up their nose to be funny. Looking back, I went to school to make them laugh! I showed up to school to serve as the comic relief for my friends working hard to get into great schools.

I am forever grateful to those friends (literally they are all so freakin’ smart and hard working). If I wouldn’t have had them, I don’t think I would have valued college as much as I do now. I wasn’t much into school!

And then comes College.

Next step was getting my degree. Minnesota State University, Mankato was the only school I applied for. I loved it there! My freshman year started with immediate lifelong friendships because I danced on the dance team. I even met my best friend and partner in life, Zach. Our love story (obvi my favorite one) is a story for another time!

During my time in college, I served. If you have never served or waitressed, you really ought to. Those years really instilled confidence, customer service, and a business mind in me. I am forever grateful for every manager I ever had.

I made great money. Like, amazing. The catch was that I worked pretty much every weekend and was having some serious FOMO by the time I was a senior. While my friends were out, I was the girl bringing them the shots! Granted, it was still a good time – I wanted to take the shots, too! You can’t redo or relive your senior year of college. I had to get out of this job but still pay for school.

jumping, graduation, blonde, blue dress, diploma, college, minnesota
Who can resist a classic jumping photo at graduation? Zach and I grabbed his nephew, Gavin, and jumped for a cute photo that many mistake as a family photo. No kids for us yet!

The Game changer.

After a few years in school my sister-in-law (basically just my straight up sis) started with a vegan health, wellness, beauty company and I was intrigued. I was a big product user and recommended it literally daily to everyone I knew. She explained to me that I could get paid for doing that. Hold the phone! How is that even possible?

She offered me a ton of information about it. I learned how Network Marketing worked, how to serve with healthy products instead of booze and nachos, and how to replace my serving income. In such a small way, I realized I could actually change my life!

I jumped into this business when I was 21 years old. I was determined to party it up every weekend with my friends, make it to every single basketball game of Zach’s, and to have choices! Turns out, I did just that. My senior year was exactly how I imagined it. My time belonged to me, and no one else. Life was great!

wine, fall, roomies, roommates, college, girls, laughing, smiling
My forever roomies.

Two roads.

Upon graduation, I got myself a Corporate gig. If I am being honest, I felt awesome that I landed it. Many of my classmates applied and interviewed. Some even bragged that they would get the job. I was shocked that I was the one that did. Knowing that my grades were terrible, I was so surprised that they picked me. I was thankful.

The first day of work arrived and I felt like an imposter.

I put on a really stuffy boring outfit because I didn’t know how to dress, and I arrived at the building. The second I set my foot in the door, my gut was churning. This wasn’t nerves, this was my gut. My gut was telling me to turn around and get out.

It took be about three months.

Three months of me listening to company trainings in headphones while everyone thought I was jamming out. Drinking tons of water so that I could go to the bathroom to get away from everyone. Wearing clothes that made me feel like a stranger. Speaking like I was most definitely NOT Kylie. Trying to be a blank slate when I was the obvious outlier.

Whether it was my physical impulse to say “that’s what she said!” after (in)appropriate statements or that dance parties weren’t allowed – it didn’t work out. I walked in one day and just quit. Finished up my work and left. Truly, I did everyone a favor there. I wasn’t the right fit!

vegas, las vegas, white dresses, arbonne, conferences, conference, training, party
Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada with my sister-in-law.

Truly in business.

Realizing that I had my business this entire time, I stepped into that realm. My gut knew. This was it. This is where I am supposed to be, what I am supposed to be doing, and who I am supposed to be growing into.

I quit my job in August of 2015 and my life has been wild, just the way I like it. Working my business allows me to coach incredible people to do what I do. It has created a massive client base that I get to serve and love! I work at home, in coffeeshops, in people’s living rooms. And sometimes they even have puppies I get to play with. It’s great.

During this time I have improved as a person, immeasurably. I am kinder, more empathic, stronger, and much more business savvy. It is incredible what a few years can do for a person when they are focused.

Where to now.

I think I have already reached success. You probably have, too.

Success for me, means you found a way. You found a way to do what you love and to enjoy the life God gave you. My goal is never success because I really believe I am already there.

Right now, I really just want to keep serving others. I want to learn about everything, see it all, and make the world better.

The goal is to grow my business to a level in which Zach and I can continue with our lifestyle and be stay at home parents someday!

I am so appreciative that you are here to listen to my words. I am truly hopeful that my words and ideas about Business + Lifestyle have some sort of positive impact on your life.

You are a gift to the world, and it isn’t a gift until you share it.

Thank you beyond words.