There is Always More to The Highlight Reel

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The highlight I would like everyone to see of my office. Nothing wrong with posting pretty pictures. Just remember, there is sometimes more to the story. Scroll down!

Highlight reels are a real thing, but they aren’t the real thing.

I don’t think anyone paints picture perfect highlight reels of their life on social media on purpose. It’s part of our culture to share new babies, marriage proposals, new jobs, cars, and flowers from our partners. This is how social media works! But, what happens when you feel like you have nothing to share?

You might spend time scrolling through looking at these amazing lives. These couples never fight and are always happy. The children in the newsfeeds are always well dressed and well behaved in stores. Everyone is making so much money and buying new cars, technology, and clothes all the time! Life is good!

Life is perfect.

Except for it’s not.

That’s was a highlight reel is.

My highlight reel is not real. And your highlight reel isn’t real, either – and thank God it isn’t!

What would happen if trials and tribulations never played a role in our lives? I know that if Zach and I never fought, we would never grow. If I never faced any sort of failure and everything actually went my way, I would lose my zest for life and ambitious for goals. Life needs to have ups and downs. Don’t wish for an easy breezy life. That’s so boring.

Speaking really candidly, I think people need to be more vulnerable online, especially when you know people are watching you.

I have a very modest following and I have received messages from women saying they feel less than because they are not as “perfect” as me. It hurts my heart because I try so hard to be open and honest on social platforms. I don’t want anyone to feel discouraged about themselves because the highlight my social media is displaying.

I strive to create an inclusive place on social media.

messy office, office space, girls office, white desk, white chair, messy, real life
What my office actually looks like right now.

This is also a two way street.

In my opinion, any sort of influencer should make efforts to bring those walls down every once in a while and show people the real them. Those fitness girls posting photos of themselves changing their posture; um hello?! Perfect example. They stand up straight and are perfection, they slouch and one might say differently. That’s real life. They make such a great point.

At the same time, we need to understand that social media is typically about life highlights – which is fine! I love seeing happy updates in people’s lives. We need to know that those people are just like us. They have great moments that are worth celebrating, and they also have very trying times in one way or another. If we allow ourselves to begin the comparison game, we are going to bring ourselves further and further down.

Social media is fantastic. I will always love it.

It’s pretty incredible that we can connect with people all over the world in a matter of seconds. We can learn new things, discover our passions, keep in touch with friends. The possibilities are endless! It’s an incredible time we live in.

If you’re spending time on social media then take responsibility.

Take responsibility for what you’re posting. Are you being completely honest or are you painting a false picture? Remember that people are watching, and I am guessing you want to make their lives better, so be yourself and give them something good!

Take responsibility for how you’re receiving the posts you’re seeing. People are allowed to be proud and post milestones. We have no right to minimize that. Don’t even get yourself started on comparing your behind the scenes to their highlight reel. Take it upon yourself to take a step back and remind yourself that someone’s achievements are great! Remind yourself that their highlights take nothing from you.

We are all just humans trying to live a good life! My rule of thumb is just be happy for everyone. It’s simpler than you think and it feels so good to be happy for others.

There is nothing wrong with a pretty picture. Simply keep in mind that there is alway more to every story.

love love love



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