How to Make Essential Oil Spray – Two Minute DIY

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For the love of essential oils.

Essential oil spray was something that I have wanted to try the second my company launched an oil line. Perfume sort of freaks me out after a friend said she spilled hers on her jewelry while moving and the accessories disintegrated. So, call me crazy – but I am avoiding it if possible! For the every day fresh, I am going to stick with the oils.

When I find things like this, I just get so jazzed. How awesome and simple to create an awesome healthy alternative!

Honestly, I googled how to make this and it is SO EASY. Essential oils are such power houses that you really don’t need much else besides the oils. This is one of those recipes that you cannot mess up. I love ones like that!

Here’s what you’ll need: 

I linked all the above to websites where you can find the goods!

There are countless sprays you can make. I use lavender for the sleep spray (works like a dream) and harmony + lemon for a fresh body spray. This is the basic recipe for any kind of oil spray you want to make for any reason! The possibilities are truly endless.

Epsom salt can be found in Target, and if you’re really not feeling like moving – Amazon for the win! The only downside is the bags on Amazon are two pounds, so I hope you like epsom salt! The reason we use a couple dashes of salt is so that the oil doesn’t clog the spray tube. I am no chemist but the internet explained it all!

In the video below, you will see that I used plastic bottles. DO NOT DO THAT. My brother’s girlfriend is super well versed in oils and explained that since plastic has toxins, the oils will break it down and then when you spray – so do the toxins. So, stick with glass bottles for this project!

Check out the video on Youtube. Comment with questions + ideas for other oils sprays.

Enjoy this healthy alternative!



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