Our Engagement Story and Photos from Dreamy Rachabella

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From the moment Zach and I became engaged, we were both so excited to capture this special time in engagement photos.

First, a little engagement story for you.

Zach was visiting Minnesota in April. The snow had melted and the sun was starting to shine! He had the entire week off and away from the store and I took the week to enjoy time with him before I went to a conference in Vegas. We decided to have a beautiful day.

We went to the park and biked around for a little while. The rental bikes even had little bells! There was a moment when I felt this overwhelming feeling of gratitude. We stopped biking and I looked at Zach. “Today is the best day of my life,” I told him.

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I really don’t believe anything extraordinary has to happen to have a beautiful day. He made it into a gorgeous day.

And, I mean, Chipotle is the cherry on top. We grabbed our favorites after the park and headed home to watch some Netflix on the floor. Every couple has a thing. That’s ours! We are really fancy, I know. It gets fancier.

We had some ranch dip in the fridge and as I reached into the Chipotle bag, I asked Zach to go grab it. As my hand is in the bag, he looks at me with a shocked look on his face. He didn’t say anything.

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“What? You’re looking at me like ‘marry me’,” I literally said that.

No joke. We have it on film (Zach is sneaky)!

Zach went to the fridge and I sorted out our food. He plopped down next to me and had this melencholy vibe. Being much too focused on the Chipotle calling my name, I reached my hand in the bag to grab the chips and I felt something that did not feel like food. A cube? Did they put my guac in a cube?

I leaned over to see what it was, and I looked inside and saw a ring box. Oh. My. Goodness.

To be honest, I blacked out. From the video, I know I looked up at him and started crying and he got down on one knee!

We laughed, cried, hugged. It was a really special moment.

I used to think that a ring doesn’t change anything, and it doesn’t. A ring will never matter to me. Give me fake diamond, I do not care. What did change was the commitment. Zach and I have known for years that we were soul mates (yes, I believe in that!). This was a whole new level of promise to have each other’s backs for forever.

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If you haven’t realized yet, I am just full of mushy love.

This guy is seriously my best friend and my partner for life. I legitimately do not know how I would survive without him. Zach is the kindest, most honorable, and hard working person I have ever met in my life. I feel so incredibly blessed to have him.

I always tell Zach that he was the one I prayed for. Being young and heartbroken I recall this prayer. It was a silly little heartbreak, but a sincere prayer. I meant it. Even at 19 years old, I knew what I wanted.

I laid in my bed and I prayed for God to send me someone who would cherish me and make me a better person. God put me in Zach’s path and there we have it.

Anyways! There is your daily dose of love.

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As far as our engagement and wedding photos went, we were clueless.

One of my very best friends is an extremely talented photographer. She has taken hundreds of photos of me. From head shots for my business cards to fake weddings for her website, we have done it! Man, I love that girl.

This friend, of course, is a bridesmaid and definitely not taking our photos! She will probably be enjoying her fair share of drinks and living in the moment.

Living in my sheltered world of literally only having her take my photos, I didn’t know where to start.

I am huge on referrals. If my friends or family recommend someone, I am a billion times more likely to check it out. Just because a page has the most likes or ads popping up every two second on Facebook does not make them the best.

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Zach and I knew we needed someone personable.

Someone who would enjoy this day with us, be flexible, patient, and just a good time to be around! And also be a badass photographer. We had a tall order.

I had heard of Rachabella from friends in my hometown. I asked my photographer friend to take a look at Rachabella’s website. The website was incredibly impressive to me, but I wanted an expert opinion. My friend told me to book Rachabella as soon as I could. She assured me that Rachabella would give us the professionalism and fun nature that we were looking for.

Feeling nervous, I sent Rachabella an e-mail. For some reason I was so sure that she would deny us. Are Zach and I cool enough to be her clients? So many worries went through my head.

Every single worry was put to rest when Rachabella responded. I had never met her but her e-mail was as if she was speaking to me one on one. Like we were friends for years. It was like she was jumping up and down, excited for us!  She was kind, professional, and exuberant. Never read a more uplifting e-mail in my life!

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Needless to say, she had our date open (thank God) and we booked her!

Modeling for the past few years, I was extremely comfortable with the idea of an engagement session. Zach was another story. This kid never takes photos with me and is a total goofball when he does. I wasn’t really sure how well he would do with this. As you can see, Zach stole the show. I had no idea he was so photogenic!

Your photographer matters. We needed someone like Rachabella to get photos that we felt like ourselves in. She made us laugh. And not just a fake laugh for a photo, she made us really laugh! Rachabella created an atmosphere of complete comfortability. I felt like Zach and I were catching up with an old friend, and we only just met her that day!

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When we got our engagement photos we were beyond satisfied.

Rachabella got the photos back to us before she had promised. Zach and I were ready to burst, we were so excited to see them! We went through them and fell in love. The photos are so real and honest, and just us. It was almost impossible to pick favorites because of the massive variety of coloring, placement, and angles.

To say we are pleased is an understatement. They are exactly what we asked for.

Zach and I feel so thankful that we found Rachabella.

Probably going to pass out when we get our wedding photos delivered this Summer.

Thank you Rachabella! We adore you!


Check out our girl Rachabella.



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